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Ms. Bradley

Principals Message


Welcome back. I hope this finds you and your family safe and well. A new school year brings excitement as the doors of opportunity open to our students. The doors may not be open at school facilities as we start the year but the opportunity to learn must be there for all students. Our efforts, whether online or at school, are to make sure we provide students with a good education. The impact of COVID-19 requires us to take different approaches and put forth extraordinary efforts, we are committed to both.   Austin Beutner, LAUSD Superintendent 2020 


Challengers, I want to welcome you all back to what will be a very unique and exciting school year.   I am excited to continue to serve the community of Dymally High School, as we challenge our students to be the best they can be under any circumstance.  We will continue to empower our students to be their very best and continue their educational journey because their educational journey is our mission.  We are charged with ensuring our students receive access to quality and equitable instruction throughout their experiences at Dymally HS.  I am committed to working with the parents, students, staff and all stakeholders to ensure that every student is afforded an opportunity to experience success and excel at Dymally High School.  We will begin this school year virtually, which entails a shift in how we interact with each other and our students but I am confident that we will strive to be the best for our community.  

Darvina Bradley